Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Importance of Keyword Research for Your SEO Efforts

When you get ready to actively market your business online more than
likely your first stop will be with search engine optimization (SEO).
The most important ingredient to search engine optimization will be
properly conducted keyword research for your website. Keyword research
alone could make or break your online game,,.

If not done properly you could be missing out on very valuable keywords. If you do 

not take your time you could put keywords on pages that don’t belong or target 

keyword in your pay per click campaign that do nothing but produce clicks and burn 

through your marketing and advertising budget. When conducting keyword research 

there are some things you should be looking out for.

1.    What Niche do you want to be In? You will have to find out what type of 

group you want to be visible to and get inside their shoes in order to figure out 

what types of keywords will fit best on your website. Really find out and isolate 

what type of products you are servicing and find all the niche keywords and 

phrases that revolve around that niche. Don’t always worry about targeting all the 

high volume keywords because they receive the most traffic. Long tail keyword 

phrases often times convert the best when it comes to SEO and PPC. The long tail 

phrases are usually conducted by web users who know exactly what they are looking 


2.    Budget: Budget meaning how much of a marketing budget do you have to go 

after competitive keywords? If you are a one person company starting out you will 

need to bring some heavy ammo to go after the same keywords that your competition 

that might have been around for 5-10 years and is established is going after. It 

is important to not only target the very competitive keywords but also the 

keywords that have medium amounts of traffic and also low. You have to remember 

that SEO is long term and you won’t be visible over night.

3.    Competition: Take a long hard look at your competition to see what it is 

that they are targeting. It is always important to take a look at what your 

competitors are targeting for keywords on their website when you starting 

conducting your keyword research. You know what they say; the best offense is a 

good defense. It is always important to know what types of keywords your 

competition is going after so you can gauge just how much of an effort you will 

need to put out there in order get into the same area.


Surbhi Maheshwari [MBA Fin / Mktg ] 
Manager Finance
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